gige camerasThe Colex Group provides both engineering consulting services and turnkey machine vision solutions for a wide area of applications.  We are well experienced in the challenging tasks required to provide a complete and robust vision system.  From imaging system, optics, communication busses (Firewire IEEE 1394, USB3, GigE, IP), lighting, mounting, and filtering we can address any physical needs in your system.  Ensuring the optimal image aqcuisition environment, from both quality of image, and repeatability is the biggest and most important task in any vision system. 

After the image is aquired, our machine vision experts are well versed with all techniques used to digitally maniuplate the image to gather the information required for your application.  Whether it is OCR, Pattern Matching, counting objects, quality control, precision caliper measurements, or more, we are able to design a custom vision algorithm that delivers the robustness and accuracy required.  Our existing production systems vary from slow speed, extremely high accuracy measurements, to very high speed acquisition and rapid processing of data.  Integration with your existing production line is easily achieved by our vision engineers that are well versed with PLC communication protocols like Modbus over RS-485.

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